Shimano Sephia Clinch Rattle Squid JigsKAL.SIMAN.CLI/000


14,00 €12,60 €

A regular Egi with tungsten spheres produces a rattling sound each time you jerk your rod. The Shimano Sephia Clinch series is equipped with the original "Rattle System", producing a rattling sound, even when the squid jig is free falling, or tangling with the current. As a result, with the Shimano Clinch you can attract the attention of squids without intensive action from your side. It is also possible to provoke action even at the bottom, as the Shimano Clinch drifts and mild rattling sound is released, simply by changing the sinking position.

The difference in the Rattling system is due to the use of glass in the upper and lower part of the rattling chamber.

Another technical innovation by Shimano enables the jig to lift its body upwards, in a natural manner due to buoyancy. The change of the angle of the body, produces rattling sound, as the sphere come in contact with the internal glass.

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