Major Craft TiDrift 5G Seabass RodsKAL.MAJOR.DRIFT000

Κατόπιν παραγγελίας

309,95 €278,96 €

Major Craft introduces a range of Seabass rods, developed with the 5G technology.

Once you start fishing with a TiDrift rod, it will be difficult to put into words, the smooth feeling they transmit. They are extremely lightweight and remarkably easy to cast. At the same time they have a fast action and generate a “sharp” sensation.

R360 Structure - New Manufacturing Method

By arranging the carbon fibers in all directions (Straight, Diagonal Right, Diagonal Left and Horizontal), the end result is an ultra-lightweight blank, that has both power and torque. Unlike the conventional carbon tape reinforcement on the blank’s surface, the blank of the TiDrift Seabass rods is composed of carbon sheets in the multi-axial direction. As a result, Major Craft has achieved the ultimate blank structure, that responds to 360-degree forces.

Latest Material - Toray Industries, Inc. T1100G Carbon

Utilizing Toray Industries, Inc.'s nano-level, fiber structure control technology, Major Craft has achieved both high strength in a highly elastic blank.

ModelLengthSectionsTransport LengthWeightGuidesPEActionLure Weight
TD5-862L/ML2.62 m2134 cm111 gr80.5 - 1.5Regular Fast5 - 30 gr
TD5-962ML2.93 m2149 cm132 gr80.6 - 1.5Regular Fast7 - 35 gr
TD5-962M2.93 m2149 cm133 gr80.8 - 2.0Regular Fast10 - 45 gr
TD5-1002M3.05 m2157 cm143 gr80.8 - 2.0Regular Fast10 - 45 gr
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