Major Craft Aji-DO 5G RodsKAL.MAJOR.AGING000

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The 5G is a New Manufacturing method adopting the "R360 Structure". The carbon fiber orientation is arranged toward all axis directions:

  • Straight – Vertical
  • Side – Horizontal
  • Fade - Diagonal Right
  • Draw - Diagonal Left

The arrangement of Carbon fibers in all directions created am ultra-lightweight blank, that combines power and torque. Unlike the conventional carbon tape reinforcement on the blank’s surface, the blank itself is composed of carbon sheets, laid in the multi-axis directions. It is a blank structure that can respond to any force applied in a 360 degrees angle, hence it helps the rod’s blank section adopt to the situation.

For the development of the 5G rods, Major Craft utilized the T1100G carbon sheets by Toray Industries. The T1100G is a nano-level carbon fiber material, that achieves both high strength and high elasticity modulus. It is a latest technology carbon material, used in the field of aerospace or in aircraft applications (such as the tail of planes and floor beams of Boeing 777s), where extreme performance is required. The difference between the T1100G Torayca® material and other composite materials is that when compared (Load vs Strain), they both behave identically until the maximum load, after which the T1100G resin shows a significant increase in energy absorption, offering 13% higher-strength and 10% higher-elasticity.

It would be inconcievable for company Major Craft not to take advantage of the latest technological advancements in an effort to upgrade the Ajing Game rods. The Ajing fishing style is very popular in Japan, to the extend that tailor made rods are being produced, but in the Mediterranean Ajing rods are being used for a number of Light Game fishing styles and species, such as the Saddled Sea Breams. Aging rods that make full use of lightweight rigs, must be easily handled but at the same time require "sensitivity" and "lightness". It is important to be able to feel and operate an ultra light rig that weighs less than 1 gr. Having long casts as an important goal, the management of extremely light lures and the further reduction in weight, Major Craft took advantage of the new manufacturing method "R360" and the latest material "T1100G Torray Carbon", to develop the extremely lightweight rod series Aji-Do. This ultra light blank offers to the angler total control and feel of the underwater behavior, of ultra light rigs and lures weighing less than 1 gr. The Major Craft Aji-Do rod series will offer a new, fishing sensation of White Trevally and Ultra Light Game in general.

The guides are Titanium Smoke Fuji with SiC-S inserts, while the reel seat is Fuji VSS.

L Models

The Light rod models have been developed specifically for the White Trevally fishing. The extremely sensitive solid tip allows us to feel even the slightest bites of small species and to accurately handle jigheads weighing less than 1 gr. The “L” rods can tackle large White Trevallies or Saddled Sea Breams. And this rod series takes the pleasure factor to another level.

M Models

This is a basic rod series targeting White Trevally (Ajing Game) and Saddled Sea Breams. Its super sensitive solid tip, enables the angler to feel even the slightest touch, especially when predators do not appear to be active, or interested in our lure. One of the basic advantages of the M rods, is that they do not allow the tearing of the sensitive White Trevally lips.

H Models

With a rod from the H category, you can utilize floating rigs and Carolina Rigs. The particular model, due to its casting abilities, can reach White Trevally and other species, such as Saddled Seabreams, which are far from the shore and feed on the surface. The solid carbon tip offers to the rod extreme sensitivity, but also strength that can easily match that of a Tubular rod.

ModelLengthSectionsCasting WeightLBActionPEWeight
AD5-S502L/AJI1.52 m20.2 - 3 gr0.8 - 2.5Extra Fast0.1 - 0.448 gr
AD5-S582L/AJI1.77 m20.2 - 3 gr0.8 - 2.5Extra Fast0.1 - 0.450 gr
AD5-S622L/AJI1.89 m20.2 - 3 gr0.8 - 2.5Extra Fast0.1 - 0.452 gr
AD5-S622M/AJI1.89 m20.6 - 5 gr1 - 4Extra Fast0.1 - 0.554 gr
AD5-S682L/AJI2.07 m20.2 - 3 gr0.8 - 2.5Extra Fast0.1 - 0.454 gr
AD5-S682M/AJI2.07 m20.6 - 5 gr1 - 4Extra Fast0.1 - 0.456 gr
AD5-S722H/AJI2.19 m21 - 15 gr2 - 8Fast0.1 - 0.667 gr
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