Pathos Alma Standard SpeargunPSA.PATHO.ALMA000


112,50 €101,25 €

Designed for both entry level and advanced freedivers, the Pathos Alma Standard is mostly suitable for hunting around the reefs, and bottom diving.

Equipped with handle D' Angelo I low profile with reverse trigger mechanism that adds extra 7cm of arming length. The ergonomic design gives the feeling that the speargun is an extension of your hand.

The Pathos Alma comes with a removable reinforced loading butt. Driver sleeve and reel base. Fully anodized aluminum barrel 1.25mm thick.

Closed muzzle for screw-on bands with position for a second band. 6.25mm Sandvik black over amber bands with plastic threads. Articulate wishbone, short.

Also available with open muzzle (for circular bands).

Any one of the four Pathos reels can be installed.

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