Seaguar Yuki Neox FluorocarbonMIS.SEGUR.YUKI000


36,00 €32,40 €

Probably the most perfect invisible line in the world! The Japanese company Kureha collaborated with Yuki and built the Seaguar Yuki Neox! It is no exaggeration to say that it is really invisible! The high degree of refraction makes it 100% invisible in water. Its high strength and power are its dominant features as well as its low weight. Due to its characteristics it is ideal for techniques with lures of all kinds. You can use it for techniques either by boat or by the shore.


0,330 mm - 14,70 kgs - 50 mts 

0,37 mm -18,40 kgs - 30 mts 

0,405 mm- 20,20 kgs - 30 mts 

0,435 mm- 23,15 kgs - 30 mts 

0,47 mm -26,80 kgs - 30 mts 

0,52 mm -34,85 kgs - 30 mts 

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